February 28, 2024
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Fotolia License Agreement

Fotolia License Agreement: Understanding the Fine Print

Fotolia is a popular marketplace for stock photos, vectors and videos. If you are a photographer or a designer, Fotolia can be an excellent source for buying or selling stock assets. However, before you start using their services, it is important that you carefully read and understand their license agreement.

Why is the Fotolia license agreement important?

The license agreement defines the terms and conditions for using the stock assets available on Fotolia. By using Fotolia, you agree to their license agreement. Failing to comply with the rules can result in legal action, so it is crucial that you understand them.

What are the different types of licenses available on Fotolia?

Fotolia offers two types of licenses: standard and extended. The standard license is suitable for most projects, whereas the extended license allows for additional usage rights, such as using an asset on merchandise for sale. If you are unsure about which license to choose, you can contact Fotolia’s customer service for assistance.

What are the usage restrictions?

It is important to note that each asset purchased on Fotolia has its own specific usage restrictions. Generally speaking, you are not allowed to:

– Resell, redistribute or reproduce an asset in any manner without modification.

– Use an asset in any defamatory or illegal manner.

– Use an asset as a logo or trademark.

– Use an asset in a way that falsely suggests an endorsement or association with any person or entity.

It is also important to read the specific restrictions for each asset as they may differ based on the license type and the nature of the asset itself.

What are the attribution requirements?

Some assets may require attribution, which means you need to give credit to the author of the asset. The attribution requirements are specified in the license agreement and may vary based on the asset. It is important to follow the attribution requirements to avoid violating the license agreement.

What happens if you violate the license agreement?

If you violate the license agreement, Fotolia may take legal action against you and you may be liable for damages. To avoid any legal issues, make sure you read and understand the license agreement before using any stock assets from Fotolia.

Final thoughts

The Fotolia license agreement is an important document that defines the terms and conditions for using their stock assets. It is important to read and understand the license agreement before using any assets to avoid violating the rules and facing legal action. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Fotolia’s customer service for assistance.

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